What She Likes


Poetry about Love and Writing.

Sittin’ by the lake, I saw my pretty girl.
She was preoccupied, I needed to shake her world.
I can make her love me writing a cute Haiku,
I’m gonna make her love me with a sweet Senryu!

Roses are red, violets are blue.
Check “yes” or “no” if you like me, too.
I may not be the coolest guy in town,
but if I write her a song she’ll always come around.

Poetry is my secret weapon.
Cheesy loves lines, we’re in seventh heaven.
There is no question, this lover boy’s got it on good,
She’ll melt with my ballads just like I new she would.

Roses are Red, Violets are blue.
Check “yes” or “no” if you like me too.
If there was one thing that she likes from me,
she likes when I write her poetry.



Poetry about Writing and Emotions

We’re the creators of today,
writing words and taking apart.
We push and pull the soul,
emotions composing symphonies of the heart.

Maybe we’d be historians,
but we write it as we see.
Call it artistic privilege.
And that’s OK with you and me.

Some would say we’re lazy
But we’re just artistic at heart.
We lay, reflect, and think
to piece together verbal art.

We’re molders, potters of speech
for a purpose, but sometimes not.
But, if we’ve learned nothing else,
It’s to write while the pen is hot!