Pizza (Part II]


This time I moved to a pan, doubled the sauce and cheese (although still needs more cheese). I bought the crusts premade, and were a little big, so I had to split it a little on the sides to fit. So i decided to make those pieces buttery “Old Bay” pizza bread.

That’s why we make the best pizzas in New York, from NYC to Buffalo. Not trying to be fancy, just making something super delicious to keep us warm when the snow comes.




You’d guess from how i hold it,

I’m Joey from New York.

Like a sandwich, I’ll fold it,

No knife or a fork.

The dough can be thick,

Or it can be thin.

Connect that cheesy mozzarella

with a big greasy grin.

The days go by.

Weeks turn the months.

I haven’t had my fill

Of that oregano crunch.

A nice marinara

or a chicken wing sauce.

Last night’s dinner,

today’s breakfast and lunch.

All that pepperoni

sure makes me thirsty.

I’d wash it down with soda,

but I’ve already got coffee.

I’d write it to a song,

But what rhymes with pizza?

I just looked at that slice

and said, “Hey, I’m gonna eats ya!”

The days go by.

Weeks turn the months.

I haven’t had my fill

Of the oregano crunch.

A nice marinara

Or a chicken wing sauce.

Last night’s dinner,

Today’s breakfast and lunch.

November 5 2017


Sunday’s are fundays. Sometimes. Other times they’re lazy days. Today was a lazy day. After playing guitar at church, spent most of the day at home. Did some shopping for my wife’s birthday, but can’t say what I got her in case she reads this.

Then, I made pizza! Well, sort of. I skipped making the crust – bought that pre-made. Not sure if they have those where you live, but here the Italian bakeries stock the dairy aisles with them.

I made pepperoni and chicken wing. I only made pizza once before, and quite a long time ago. But they still came out good! I didn’t use any trays, and the bottoms over cooked a little. Will have to pick up some pizza pans at the store. If the crust wasn’t premade, it would have tasted better than the pizzeria!

I should add, my brother worked in a pizzeria for about 15 years, so he’s taught me some of the secrets.