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What’s my Motivation for Writing Poetry ? You can sum up my posts: Random thoughts at random times. But to make them legit, I write them as rhymes. Poetry Topics: Motivation, Writing, Poetry. “The Moments of Our Lives Written Into Poetry.” ScribbledToPaper.,com artblogemotionslifemotivationPoetrywriting

Creators Creator

What are the Origins of our Motivation When We Have that Determination for Creating ? I’m searching for something¬†Extravagant, precise to perfection. My eyes squinted, my ears closed, My head steady as I imagine something bold. My passion won’t be denied. Am I a perfectionist? Was I taught to create by my creator? The strange…

Keep Pushing

Motivation for Determination to Keep Pushing Life. Do not break. Don’t let yourself break. Breathe In, Breathe Out. Life in every breathe you take. Just clear your mind. Remember who you are you. Feel that adrenaline pump. Pull your chin to the bar. Poetry Topics: Motivation, Determination, Life. artblogdeterminationemotionslifemotivationPoetrywriting

Torn Between

Poetry I wrote while feeling both discouragement and motivation about Writing. Torn between building every brick, or letting it go. Day after day, week after week. Come so far, but grown so weary. Torn between, stuck between, Torn between, what can be, and what’s seen. motivationwriting