Poetry about Writing and Emotions

We’re the creators of today,
writing words and taking apart.
We push and pull the soul,
emotions composing symphonies of the heart.

Maybe we’d be historians,
but we write it as we see.
Call it artistic privilege.
And that’s OK with you and me.

Some would say we’re lazy
But we’re just artistic at heart.
We lay, reflect, and think
to piece together verbal art.

We’re molders, potters of speech
for a purpose, but sometimes not.
But, if we’ve learned nothing else,
It’s to write while the pen is hot!

Heart Sense


A Poetry about Relationships and Emotions

I never desired to
drop my guard.
I never wanted to speak
the thing’s I’d say.
The moments feel like hours,
my stomach’s feeling sour.
I just set my heart
on the line, today.

Can you hear me?
cuz’ sometimes I can’t
hear myself.
And even if my own mind,
My emotions makes no sense.

Can you hear me?
I don’t know what to
say, myself.
But if you can hear my heart
when I’m making no sense,

Just have mercy on my soul.
Have mercy on man.
Have mercy on my soul,
if you can.

I’m feeling better,
I translated my heart to words
I’m laying it down on paper,
canceling all these wars.
To cancel dying relationships.



Sticks twisted.
brown and tan.
among bundles
of the same.
A sea of peach
beyond them,
and a symbol
of a name.

But, in the forefront,
soft and white,
small flowers,
sit and gaze.
as I come and go,
to help comfort
my malaise.