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What are the Origins of our Motivation When We Have that Determination for Creating ? I’m searching for something Extravagant, precise to perfection. My eyes squinted, my ears closed, My head steady as I imagine something bold. My passion won’t be denied. Am I a perfectionist? Was I taught to create by my creator? The strange…


A Man’s Daring Determination to Find Love. It’s risky business to love someone and expect to be loved back. It’s risky business to love someone and hope they love you, too. But if you ever find a good one, brother, and you let her go, you’d be a fool. Lost and confused, Run up and…


The Sometimes Lonely Determination to Hold On in Relationships. It’s sad when we’re not close; inches apart, but a million miles a way. Hoping it’s only just for one day. But it drags on. . . When you’re not here. I’m looking in your eyes but I’m fighting away the fear that while you’re here,…

Keep Pushing

Motivation for Determination to Keep Pushing Life. Do not break. Don’t let yourself break. Breathe In, Breathe Out. Life in every breathe you take. Just clear your mind. Remember who you are you. Feel that adrenaline pump. Pull your chin to the bar. Poetry Topics: Motivation, Determination, Life. artblogdeterminationemotionslifemotivationPoetrywriting

We did it.

Poetry about Love and Determination. I still remember our first date. We went out; our sweet escape. Some people questioned, some people didn’t. But at the end of the day, love had determination. We did it. Love is the Compass. determinationlove