In the words of Seinfeld, this is a page about nothing!

This is a place for anyone and everyone to post! It can be about anything – thoughts, ideas, writing tips, or just speaking your mind.

You can even write about nothing!

Feel free – you don’t need an invitation!

Just be aware, I may have to periodically delete older posts so that the page doesn’t get too cluttered.


Add Yours
  1. Anonymous

    Ah!! This is nice! Well I have nothing to write about. Even nothing is great too. Sometimes life becomes nothing. Like you have everything still fee there is nothing and wants more and more which is never ending?
    Am I making sense??


  2. lgmcgee92

    Fantastic! Would anyone read a section called “Paper Back Adventures?” Part book review – part stories surrounding the book and its adventure as I take it with me in daily life?


  3. percolatingpoetry

    I love Seinfeld but I can’t say I know what writer’s fatigue is. It sounds like something terrible. Perhaps Soup Nazi has something to help with that 🙂


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