Neighbors and Our Funny, Sometimes Strange Relationships.

They eat your food
when you’ve got a lot.

Their kids scream and play,
running all through your lot.

They steal your ideas
for holiday decorations.
They’re parked in your driveway,
testing your patience.

You came home from work,
they want to talk for an hour.
Complaining about the other neighbor
and how their relationship went sour.

Their kids threw a party,
made a lot of noise.
now the cops are coming over,
“Boys will be boys.”

They smell your coffee brewing,
and want to share the pot,

They’ll even eat your food,
when you’ve don’t have a lot.

They might live down the road,
Or just next-door,
Just down the hall,
Or your living room floor.

But treat your neighbors good,
one day, they might help you.
If you want good neighbors,
be a good neighbor, too!

Poetry Topics: Funny, Relationships, Neighbors.

“The Moments of Our Lives Written into Poetry.”


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