Funny Poetry of Food and Oranges.

I poked my finger in the skin,
a mist of aromatic acid squirts in my face.
That makes me want to hurry;
I just can’t wait to taste.

I can feel the oils from the skin.
The firmness of the fruit was just right.
Not too soft, not too hard.
I can tell, a cup of golden nectar inside.

The skin was off, the slices were perfect.
It was worth getting my fingernails dirty.
I carefully separate each piece.
Ready to devour this delicacy.

I get up from the table in such a hurry.
To devour my food in front of the telly.
But, I tripped on the chair,
the chair didn’t care,
the plate and oranges, on the floor
in front of me. Funny.



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    • Jay Pines

      Thanks Mr. Human. When the daily prompt gave the word “Orange” today, nothing was inspiring me. But I think something worked out =D Tried to focus more on description building and then a little humor. Also try to not make it like every other post that usually comes up on there for the prompts

      Liked by 1 person

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