Watching the Pines

Poetry about Nature and Life.

Just take in a deep breathe.
Even the air even has a different taste
The dark dark pines surrounding us.
Like a wall, hiding this secret place.

It feels so surreal.
Nature, far from civilization.
“Everyday” worries have no place here.
They received no invitation.

It’s the aroma of a deep forest.
The smell of Maple, Pine, Cedar,
and Balsam Fur has intoxicated.
A peace you’ll always remember.

We have no music except for
the birds and wind in the tree.
The crackling camp fire.
And laughter of my friends and me.

We sat and watched the moonlit water.
Clean, fresh, fallen from heaven.
The thousand lakes between a sea of mountains,
Cupped by God’s hands for a swim.

When you’re up there,
Life is so surreal.
You can’t help and wonder,
“Was the ‘real’ real?”



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