Bridges at Christmas


Poetry about Christmas and Love

Christmas trees in windows.
Hot cocoa on the stoves.
Little snowflakes painting the trees.
It’s Christmas.

I’m wrapping up your present.
It’s going underneath the tree.
I spent so much time thinking of it.
I spent every penny.

Walking through a winter wonderland.
It’s cold, so I grabbed your hand.
Passed by Jesus in a manger.
My spirit feels free.
Ya, it’s Christmas.

The money comes and goes.
Presents, I’ll forget.
But we’ll build bridges to our hearts, love,
and that’s as good as it gets.


Add Yours
  1. Maria

    You know it’s funny.. I’am not even a Christian, but I love the Christmas spirit and vibe. It’s like there is a glow of love all over, radiating from people and places…you know what I mean?
    Great post by the way!
    Following you for more 🙂


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