Fighting for Love

Poetry about love and commitment.

My love, we’re having so much fun.
Laughing, flirting, I’m the one.
No truer symbol of love.
You must have come down from above.

Look out! One word.
Our love is crashing.
Guard your heart,
emotions slashing.
Putting our fighting gloves on.
What in the world has gone wrong?

But we talk. Then, silence.
Talk some more.
I guess relationships aren’t
such a bore.
We’re at a crossroads here.
We didn’t run, no, we worked it out and faced our fear.

Now we’re laying by the fire,
listening to our favorite Christmas melodies.
Love isn’t the absence of problems,
but the willingness to fight for you and me.

I’m gonna write you a love song.
It might sound like we’re fighting,
like everything’s riding
on the tension in the air.

I’m gonna sing you a love song.
No, our love isn’t dying.
We’re just trying
to figure it out.
We’ll make our commitment count.


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