Directions to Dinner

Funny Poetry about Love and Food.

There’s only One-Way to my heart,
ya, a good ole plate of food!
Crown it, if you please
with bacon and grease.
My gut is bullet proof.

A black coffee on the side.
I think I all but died.
There’s one way to my heart.
It might be chicken and rice.

Now, I’ve got too many favorites,
to name them all in this here short poem.
But if you wanna get creative,
I’ll meet you by the stove back home.

There’s only one way to my heart.
Have you ever tried a nice, big canoli?
Fried ravioli? No time to be funny.
Mozzarella wrapped in pepperoni?

As long as it hits the spot.
It can be from any ethnic zone.
I can make any food my home.
Topped with smoked provolone.

Pasta, and pizza.
make it pizza frita.
you know, I need ya,
juicy burger, ya, you need ta.

The End…

Till next meal.


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