5 Must Reads of the 21st Century

I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and I think I’ve come up with the 5 Top 5 Reads of the 21st Century.

1) A Disney bedtime book. Many people believe that the next day actually begins the night before. So let me ask you a question: Do you want to start the day off the wrong way? Worrying, or filled with negative, heavy thoughts? Or do you want to start you day off the right way? You know the saying: Start your day off with happy thoughts, and you WILL fly.

2) Harvard Business Review. Do you want to own your meeting at work? Or show everyone that you are smarter than them? I don’t know any better way to do that than to throw in a random quote from Harvard Business Review amidst any conversation. It’s practically like being from Harvard, yourself. And make sure you specifically say that the quote was from Harvard Business Review. It will have even more impact when someone doesn’t even know what it is, just because it sounds important.

3) GQ, Men’s Journal, or any other kind of publication that teaches men how to be a man. This isn’t the 20th century anymore. If you are a guy, and you are reading this, you don’t know how to be yourself. Therefore, you need one of these publications to tell you. Otherwise, you’re going to be single, unhealthy, totally unfashionable, and lead a boring, sedentary life. FACT: You could get married after reading just your first issue. (Disclaimer, my wife buys all my clothes. I don’t even like clothes shopping. As long as I don’t look like a sissy, I let her go right on ahead).

4) National Geographic. Seriously, these magazines are filled with great pictures. And when you sign up, you receive a certificate stating that you are now a part of the National Geographic Society of explorers [and world conquerors]. I’d recommend hanging this on your wall, or showing it off on a first date.

5) Scribbledtopaper.com. Well, you’re already here, so you might as well.

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