Tips for Your Wife’s Birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Bae! I’ve been married for about 3 months, and I thought I’d put together a must have tip list for wife-present-buying success.

1) Don’t forget. Seriously, with calendars and automatic reminders in our phones now, there’s really no excuse.

2) Do something from your heart. Listen, you have to show that you care. One of the best ways to do this is to make something. Time is a more valuable commodity often times these days than money. Women don’t want you to just throw money at them (although, see point three), they want your mind and attention. They want to know that you actually thought about them and care. Listen, if you’re reading this, you’re probably already on WordPress; you know how to write. Sit down and write her a poem. Make her a card. Take one of your pictures and put it in a frame. Do something nice and crafty from your heart. This will mean more to her than the money. However. . .

3) Finally, throw money at her. You can say whatever you want. But I’m pragmatic. Unless you’re dead poor, you need to throw money at her. Why? Your heart is where your money is. The other day I bought myself a new video game. That’s fine. But if I can go out and buy myself a video game, I have to be willing to sacrifice a lot more money than that for my wife on her birthday. What makes your wife angry is that you’re willing to spend money on yourself or something else, but not on her. Your money shows your priorities. Plus, she’ll just be really happy!

And here’s a little tip. If you followed step 2, then you’ve already given her something from your heart. This means you could even just go out and buy her gift certificates and she will LOVE it because you’ve already showed her that you care. And, as long as you’ve been thoughtful, she’s gonna LOVE getting plenty of gift cards to her favorite stores.

So, to recap: 1) Remember, 2) Do Something from Your Heart, 3) Throw $$$ at her.

Thank You

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