November 11 2017

Journal, today was Veterans Day. I made sure thank my brother, who is in the armed forces.

Other than that, this was an extremely lazy day. Somehow, we still woke up early as if going to work. And then we pretty much did nothing for the first half of the entire day. Just for the heck of it, I decided to watch this new movie I got for free, kind of a corny action movie spin-off from a video game. I was taking a risk because she was going to watch it with me and I really didn’t think she was going to like it. But actually, we both loved it! It was much better than expected. But I was really surprised that she liked it. And it was just weird because it was a surprising moment where you learn something new about someone else, and just have a great, surprising bonding moment, going over the past and old interests that we didn’t even know the other had.

Like I said in a previous post, we decided to try something where we share the TV and both agree to watch something with the other picks out with them. I guess these surprise bonding moments go to show that maybe it works.

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