Favorite Workout Routine

The almighty pull-up.

Why? It’s tough on the arms and upper body. It also seems to activate my core. And, having smaller than normal shoulders, these help me to balance my overall body shape. Pull-ups also require you to build a lot more strength than a push-up.

What is your favorite workout routine?

4 thoughts on “Favorite Workout Routine

  1. I prefer push-ups simply because they can be done without any special equipment. Usually pull-ups require a bar placed somewhere. I do believe pull-ups are more effective because you have your full body weight in play though.


    • Ya. I like push-ups. I recently started to do a 10 second hold in the down position after every set of 10. I have the pull up bar that goes over and around a doorway frame. Downside is it only fits one doorway in my apartment

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