November 9 2017

It’s on! Stranger Things 2.

Let’s see… is there any way to make this blog relevant?

Well I’ve heard the people often wait for my next posts with the same anticipation they waited for Stranger Things 2.

And the music is so 80’s. My earliest memory of computers was 1992. That was first grade, We’d insert the big floppy disks into the computer and play “Number Munchers.” Now I’m building websites on my phone. See now, this show’s got me all thinking about the good times from my childhood.

So, you see there, this show causing me to reminisce on my past is one of the great tips you can take away from this show for your blog.

This show is exactly like writing. They use multiple themes to pull viewers in. There is, of course, the main theme of extra-dimensional monsters. It’s all done, however, in a reminiscent back-drop of the 80’s, making viewers feel sentimental memories of the past and their childhood. There is no necessity for the story to be tied into the 80’s. It’s just making viewers feel good. Then, of course, there is the theme of conspiracy. Is this show actually about real conspiracies the government is executing against it’s people? Is there some sort of deep, hidden message in this show?

Sometimes, I attempt to tie multiple themes into my writing. I’m not sure I always do it successfully. Most of my writing is light-hearted and clear to the point – no hidden messages. What about you?

19 thoughts on “November 9 2017

  1. I’m new to this site. Most of my writing is clear and to the point as well. I need to do some more light-hearted stuff. I need to lighten up. Good blog!


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