November 6 2017

Is half an hour worth a more fulfilling marriage?

I know, you’re probably thinking I’m referring to some real effort or sacrifice. But actually I’m just referring to sharing the T.V. with my wife. We both agreed to stay and watch a show that the other one liked. It might not seem like much. But it keeps us hanging out, enjoying each other’s company. If it can make my marriage a little better, I think it’s worth spending half an hour to watch a show I might not be super interested in.

12 thoughts on “November 6 2017

  1. And it can be worth it to go for a walk in nature together, doing so barefoot is most beneficial and rather fun. Do you hold hands in public? Spend any one-on-one time just talking? How about a back rub? Did you know that spouses are more receptive to a back rub if they are able to give you one first? Sound crazy? It might be crazy. Try it sometime, let me know how it worked out. … Enjoy your marriage! They can be a blast! Mine was not so much fun….. but your can be! 😀


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