“F” is for the French Fries
with a side of ketchup sauce.
“A” is for the Apple Pie
with that caramel gloss.
“I” is for the Ice Cream
with chocolate syrup and a cherry.
“N” is for the Nachos,
so much cheese that they’re buried!
“T” is for the Tapioca
that you didn’t even eat.
“FAINT” is what I did when
they brought me your receipt!

When you take your wife or girlfriend, or your daughter out…. or maybe even your mom or your aunt!, just hand your card to the waiter or waitress. Don’t even look at the bill. That way you can avoid the Faint .

Hey, relax! We’re just having some fun!

2 thoughts on “F.A.I.N.T.

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