November 5 2017

Sunday’s are fundays. Sometimes. Other times they’re lazy days. Today was a lazy day. After playing guitar at church, spent most of the day at home. Did some shopping for my wife’s birthday, but can’t say what I got her in case she reads this.

Then, I made pizza! Well, sort of. I skipped making the crust – bought that pre-made. Not sure if they have those where you live, but here the Italian bakeries stock the dairy aisles with them.

I made pepperoni and chicken wing. I only made pizza once before, and quite a long time ago. But they still came out good! I didn’t use any trays, and the bottoms over cooked a little. Will have to pick up some pizza pans at the store. If the crust wasn’t premade, it would have tasted better than the pizzeria!

I should add, my brother worked in a pizzeria for about 15 years, so he’s taught me some of the secrets.

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