November 4 2017

Sometimes the little things you do can mean more to someone than you think.

A couple times a month the guys get together over at my house to hang out on a Saturday night. We usually order pizza and watch a movie in the home theater, etc.

But there is one guy that usually can’t come because he has work (at a restaurant). Usually we don’t think much about it. But, since he can never make it, I thought it would be nice if we stopped by and visited him this time.

When we got there, I could tell he was surprised to see us. I could also tell that it meant a lot to him that we took the time to come out and see him. He wasn’t expecting it. Sometimes, when you’re living in your world, something might not seem like a big deal. But you never know what’s happening in another person’s world.

Also, guys should stick together.

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