November 3 2017

Food is probably the most exciting thing that happened today.

My wife made “Hot Pot,” which is a type of meal where you basically have a pot split in half. Each half has a different flavor broth in it. And you put it out on the table over a propane burner. On the side, you keep things like noodles, beef, chicken, tofu, different types of vegetables/vegetable leaves (I’m not sure what you call them all 😀 ). And everyone basically cooks their own soup on the spot while sitting at the table, and scoops it into their bowls. Pretty fun.

Meanwhile, I took a shot a running pomegranates through my new citrus juicer. It actually worked very well! One pomegranate was giving me a cup of juice. Only slight problem is that it makes quite a big more of a mess than something like oranges; left a bit of red around the counter. Interesting site to see a juicy pomegranate cut in half, red juicing spreading across the board.

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