November 2 2017

Something happened in my life, and now I’ve been playing my guitar all the time. Playing for hours at a time. Well, for one thing, I got this awesome guitar. But it’s not so much the guitar, but how I got the guitar.

Earlier this year, my dad (who lived quite a few states away from me) and I began planning out a guitar that he would build for me. He was a lifelong carpenter; very talented. He thought he’d take a shot at building a guitar for me. We planned it out, got all the specs. The wood was delivered, and most of the hardware came in, too. Only one problem, when they arrived at his house, my dad wasn’t there.

I didn’t hear from my dad for a while, but he had told me he was going on a camping trip. But, within a week or two of not hearing from my dad, we found out he had a sudden death. And it was not a pretty situation. This was about 3 months before my wedding. It was very hard to process.

My brothers, however, did something awesome. The hired a luther (that is, a guitar maker) to take all of the supplies and design and put the finished product together. And he did great! This is a real great piece of work.

When I play this guitar, it’s not like playing other guitars was for me. It’s like the music comes from a whole new place in my soul. And that’s about all I can say about it.


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