November 1 2017

Have you ever been extremely discouraged and then very encouraged within the same few moments? That’s how I felt today.

You may have not realized it, but my blog was down for about a day. I also lost a lot my media, a lot of my customization (such as tags, categories), my web address, and almost lost my posts.

Blogging has become a big hobby for me. And it takes quite a bit of time and attention. Unfortunately, I wasn’t giving enough attention to those most important to me. Seeing the affects of this, I decided I would stop and close my blog. I was very sad to do that. My blog feels like my own child, or creation.

But my wife came beside me, knowing how much passion and talent (as she says) I have for this, and encouraged me not to stop. She talked me into starting back up with my blog and look for other areas I can cut back, instead. It was nice because I gave up something very important to me for her. But she, seeing my passions and talents, pushed me to turn around and pursue them. It’s not always easy, and sometimes hurts, but that’s the way a relationship should be, right? Two partners making sacrifices and pushing each other up.

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