October 31 2017

Today I took a depression and anxiety test on my health website. It’s just a questionnaire really. But I scored to have mild issue with both depression and anxiety. Is that normal? I always felt I had it a little bit… a lot more when I was in high school. I never know what to do with it. I feel like if I ever got counseling for it, it would be as if I was then diagnosed with depression or anxiety. And I don’t really want that label on my life. Just some scattered thoughts for the day in my journal. But, hey, I suppose all these feelings are what makes me a good writer!

7 thoughts on “October 31 2017

  1. I believe that many people struggle with anxiety and/or depression and there is nothing wrong with seeking help professionally or even just finding ways to treat yourself (not with drugs or anything but maybe with yoga and catharic exercises)

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  2. You are not being labelled, and talking about would help. And just by going to talk to some one about it does not give you a diagnoses. You have to have a full diagnostic testing. Lots of questionnaires and Doctors appointments. Therapists asking you a million questions.
    You can read up on it and just try some mindfulness or meditation to help with it , kind of a self diagnosis and treatment.
    Chill Mom

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    • Ya… I think it’s hard for me. Part as being a guy. Part as being a guy that rarely even goes to the doctor. Then, sometimes when you fill out applications, they start asking if you’ve ever been diagnosed with such problems. Don’t want it to count as a negative towards you.

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