Drunken Hearted Boy (A Case Study)

“Well, yes, people I am a poor, drunken hearted boy.
Well, yeah, people I am a poor, drunken hearted boy.
I have a whole ocean of trouble,
And just a little, half pint of joy.

I drink because I’m worried,
I don’t drink because I’m dry.
I know if I keep on drinkin’,
I’m liable to drink away my life.
But that’s alright.

Baby, bring me another half-a-pint,
I’m trying to drown these blues, yes I am.
People if you had my trouble,
Baby, I know you’d be drinkin’ too.

Baby, if I keep on drinkin, I know I can’t last too long.
Woman, if I keep on drinkin, people ya know I can’t last too long.
That’s alright, cause when I’m dead and buried,
Please think about me when you hear this song.”

From Elvin Bishop and the Allman Brothers/Filmore East.

No, I’m not encouraging you to be a poor, drunken hearted boy! I actually rarely drink alcohol, myself. Instead, I am admiring the artistic (yes, artistic) nature of this song.

This song is just an open, heartfelt admonition of, as he says, a poor drunken [broken] hearted boy. Here, the writer is not trying to hide who they are, rather, they pull you in to feeling it, yourself. You can feel it in Elvin Bishop’s voice as he sings the words. And when Duane Allman comes in on the slide guitar, you can feel his guitar howling every note of a poor drunken [broken] hearted. They bring you in to where life has brought them down. And before you start judging, he leaves you with the warning that, if you had his troubles, you could be just like him.

It’s an eloquent admission of a broken-hearted drunk. And what better art it there, than that which can make you feel something from the lives we live.

However, life isn’t just about self-discovery. One of the hardest challenges in life for a man is to admit that he needs help.

Listen to the song, yourself, and see if you can feel a part of their world.

It can be found at this link -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHEG-tsyhL4

Any content here used for educational purposes.

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