Fighting for Love


Poetry about love and commitment.

My love, we’re having so much fun.
Laughing, flirting, I’m the one.
No truer symbol of love.
You must have come down from above.

Look out! One word.
Our love is crashing.
Guard your heart,
emotions slashing.
Putting our fighting gloves on.
What in the world has gone wrong?

But we talk. Then, silence.
Talk some more.
I guess relationships aren’t
such a bore.
We’re at a crossroads here.
We didn’t run, no, we worked it out and faced our fear.

Now we’re laying by the fire,
listening to our favorite Christmas melodies.
Love isn’t the absence of problems,
but the willingness to fight for you and me.

I’m gonna write you a love song.
It might sound like we’re fighting,
like everything’s riding
on the tension in the air.

I’m gonna sing you a love song.
No, our love isn’t dying.
We’re just trying
to figure it out.
We’ll make our commitment count.

Guitar Chords


Poetry about Faith and Music.

Tired, too tired to write.
Just gonna play on my guitar tonight
and lets the chords take me there.
Music, take me there.

Did you ever feel like a king
and ask David to play you a song?
When you hear those chords, your troubles pass away
and they strum away all that’s wrong.
Faith, take me there.

Snippets of Memories


Poetry about Love and Memories

Snippets of memories
floating in my mind.
Snippets of you
from places in time.

Days don’t last,
memories do.
I’ll cherish those 
love moments with you.

If I ever lost you,
you surely would haunt me.
I’d hear you voice at night,
your beautiful eyes, I’d see.

Snippets of memories
floating it my mind.
Melodies of your voice
saying you’re mine.

A Cracked Smile


A Poetry about Relationships and Pain

Sometimes I’m having a hard time,
but I don’t know how to tell you.
What would you conclude
if you knew what pain I’m going through.

Hide away, hide away.
Dust in the wind,
the words I would say.

I think if I write,
it’d be easier to say.
I’ll leave it as a note
by your pillow, someday.

Hide away, hide away.
Dust in the wind,
the words I would say.

Sometimes I think all this writing,
it’s just a temporary journey.
A quest for realization:
Relationship; Success; Limitation.

Don’t hide away, don’t let it get away.
Like dust in the wind,
the words I would say.

I might be smiling,
can you see the crack my grin?
I just tossed my words to the wind. . .
I just buried my tears deep, deep within.

Directions to Dinner


Funny Poetry about Love and Food.

There’s only One-Way to my heart,
ya, a good ole plate of food!
Crown it, if you please
with bacon and grease.
My gut is bullet proof.

A black coffee on the side.
I think I all but died.
There’s one way to my heart.
It might be chicken and rice.

Now, I’ve got too many favorites,
to name them all in this here short poem.
But if you wanna get creative,
I’ll meet you by the stove back home.

There’s only one way to my heart.
Have you ever tried a nice, big canoli?
Fried ravioli? No time to be funny.
Mozzarella wrapped in pepperoni?

As long as it hits the spot.
It can be from any ethnic zone.
I can make any food my home.
Topped with smoked provolone.

Pasta, and pizza.
make it pizza frita.
you know, I need ya,
juicy burger, ya, you need ta.

The End…

Till next meal.