October 30, 2017

One of the best things for a man is to be able to make something with his own hands, step back, and take pride in his work.

That’s how I felt today with my website. I know it’s more of a “blog,” but I’m looking at it more like a website. I just like to look at it. It’s nothing complicated; just a template. But I’ve never made a site before. I like everything about it.

I made some changes, too, which hurt it as a blog. I’ve begun posting less, and trying not to post as much unrelated filler; just staying on topic. Just trying to stick to my actual posts. Posting less has driven traffic down on my blog. But I’m not looking at it like a blog anymore, trying to boost traffic, but as a finished product, my own website. And I much prefer it filled with meaningful, or focused, posts, not just a bunch of random filler. Whether it gets popular, gets more or less traffic, I’m not so much concerned with anymore. I just feel like I am building my own product here to happily present, if even just myself and whatever few decides to stop by and visit it. I’d rather have less traffic, but present something I’m really proud of… and something that’s all mine.

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