October 28, 2017

Today I went to go out to eat with my great-aunts. They were similar to grandmothers to me. When I was little, I would stay at their house nearly every day in the summer. I really love them. One is about 95, and the other is about 87. Although their end doesn’t seem to be coming soon, I know they won’t live forever. And, for them , most of their friends have already passed away. And there are many changes they are experiences as they go through their older stages, such as sleep patterns and activity.

Some things I know are not in my control. Over the years, I can see how things have changed. This is my first experience watching someone close to me pass through these ages in life. It makes me think a lot about the future, but at the same time, enjoy the past and appreciate the present moment. The future may give to us tougher circumstances to deal with. But we will handle them when they come. For today, we’ll just enjoy our meal out.

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