October 27 2017

Today I made some big upgrades to my blog. I feel like I took it to another level. It all started because, although I liked my main photo, when it was expanded over my main page, I could see smudges on it from the camera lens being dirty. I thought it fit the style of my site at the time, but eventually I decided it was time to move forward. Yes, I purchased the rights to a picture from a website. $33 USD. The things we do for our passions.

Then, I changed the fonts and colors on my blog… rearranged some of the pages and titles… and “pinned” a short poem I wrote to the front of the page that I thought was a nice introduction to my site.

At the end, I was extremely proud. Although other blogs I know have grown faster than mine, i was really happy with my finished product. In fact, it wasn’t just a blog now; it was like an actual website. And I could see a lot of potential in the future. I also felt like I had bitten off more than I could chew. i started my blog on a whim. Spent a little money and made it real professional looking. I feel like I have to live up to something now that I’ve created.

Either way… welcome to my site. I hope you like it 🙂

Not much happened today worth mentioning. This was really the highlight for me. I am still trying to boost my Twitter. But I am having fun talking to stars from “90 Day Fiance” on it. Also, I skipped dinner and ate late because I was busy trying to perfect my guitar playing again! Me and my hobbies! Hope my wife doesn’t feel like she’s getting drowned out by them all!

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