October 26 2017

Woke up, did my usual – fed the fish, made espresso, and sat down to check the daily prompt. No breakfast, though.

Cologne: Mont Blanc Legend

Word was work… nothing special there.

After work, my love and I decided we wanted to go get the “My Pillows” because he current pillow was hurting her neck. So we went to the mall. But first, I squeezed in a quick workout at home. Just some pull-ups, push-ups, and squats, with holds on each, too.

At the mall, of course we stopped to get pizza. They talked us in to getting an extra slice so that we can reach the combo deal. Of course, we couldn’t finish that extra slice and had to carry it with us around the mall. AFterwards we go our pillows. Pretty expensive for a pillow! So we split the cost in half 😀

Afterwards, we got home and I experimented making one of my new teas. I didn’t know what it was originally (the packaging was in Russian) but I later learned it was hibiscus petals. it was pretty good, and, I guess, pretty healthy for you.

We watched “Kevin Can Wait.” 😀 Then I practiced guitar a little bit – still honing in my new soloing method. I think I really created my own sound here.

And yes, the My Pillows are more comfortable!

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