October 25 2017

My first journal post.

Not easy to open up, especially when I know people that I know in real like can read this. But then again, is my life really that interesting? 🙂

It was a normal day. Woke up. Showered. Sprayed Brut Special Reserve. Espresso? Check. Of course I checked the Daily Prompt to try to get a post in before leaving to work.

Rushed to work, Ran the books. Trying to get some of the everyday things done early so that I can get to some special projects the end of the week.

After work I stopped by the Russian store where I knew they’d be selling specialty teas. Wanted to try something new for my new iron tea pot. I got some kind of dried flower, and dried rose hip fruit.

Practiced guitar a little bit on my custom Gibson SG. Working on some new Blues riffs that require some concentrated bending – almost mimicking using a slide. But sounds great. Then I ate a delicious Thai-based dinner with my wife.

Experimented with the rose hip fruit tea (looks like dried little berries). I have to grind them up first in a pestle and mortar. The first run barely had any flavor, but the second run was spot on.

Afterwards, I fell asleep watching some episodes from The Great Courses. We both fell asleep quite early but didn’t sleep well. Seems everybody is getting sick right now, probably with the change in seasons.

0 thoughts on “October 25 2017

  1. I actually had rosehip soup in Sweden! It’s very popular there and it was extremely delicious. I like the journal entires, I think they are great to have and will be fun to look back on in the future. I started doing “a snippet a day” in an actual writing journal of mine.


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