October 30, 2017


One of the best things for a man is to be able to make something with his own hands, step back, and take pride in his work.

That’s how I felt today with my website. I know it’s more of a “blog,” but I’m looking at it more like a website. I just like to look at it. It’s nothing complicated; just a template. But I’ve never made a site before. I like everything about it.

I made some changes, too, which hurt it as a blog. I’ve begun posting less, and trying not to post as much unrelated filler; just staying on topic. Just trying to stick to my actual posts. Posting less has driven traffic down on my blog. But I’m not looking at it like a blog anymore, trying to boost traffic, but as a finished product, my own website. And I much prefer it filled with meaningful, or focused, posts, not just a bunch of random filler. Whether it gets popular, gets more or less traffic, I’m not so much concerned with anymore. I just feel like I am building my own product here to happily present, if even just myself and whatever few decides to stop by and visit it. I’d rather have less traffic, but present something I’m really proud of… and something that’s all mine.



It feels like Halloween.
We’re all wearing a mask.
Hurting people and
stealing hearts
under our disguise.
Tell me, is it true,
have we been so foolish?
creeping around,
acting so ghoulish,
scaring hearts?

To my mind you’ve become a fool.
To your heart, I’ve become a ghoul.
But let’s take one day at a time
See if there’s a better way to find
our holiday.

How did we get this way?
Treating love like a
trick or treat.
As if I don’t get it my way,
then you’ll be beat?

What if adults had their own version of Halloween, acting so Ghoulish?



I’m twisting a web;
delicate intertwines.
Thoughts from my bosom;
the lost and finds.
You might get caught
in this pretty picture.
Wooing you in
to an entrapping fixture.
As you’re stuck,
I come behind you.
Whisper quietly
my words, just a few.
Not to steal
your fragile lifeline,
But give words of life
to renew your mind.

October 29 2017


Today was kind of an off day. We went to church in the morning, but spent most of the rest of the day taking it easy at home. Still trying to fight off some sicknesses.

My wife did, however make our shirts for the trunk or treat party we are working on Halloweem. They’re nothing too crazy, but I think she did great. I’m really proud of her when she steps out and does something that shows some of her talent.




Life is a lot
like espresso fluff.
Paint a pretty picture,
atop that caffeinated stuff.
A flower for you,
a pine tree for me.
Bring another cup,
can’t get enough.

You’ve got your design
and I’ve got mine.
Using that crema
to make nice pretty lines.
It brightens our day
to make it that way.
But what’s underneath
is what truly defines.

You can make a pretty fluff,
make it real cute.
Be the Picasso of espresso,
the number one beaut!
But if the coffee ain’t good,
throw it all away!
I’d rather drink it black
and have it taste the right way!

Always check under the Fluff before making a judgement.

Dedicated to all of those keeping the love of coffee alive.



I was like a twig
standing among trees.
Of sticks in the forest,
the least of these.
Was a simple lot,
I had known.
No fruit or leaves,
and yet fully grown.
A year of drought,
no water found.
All among us
starved in the ground.
Except for me,
the least of these,
found by You, a shepherd,
as You herded Your sheep.
You cared for me,
as if from Your seed.
You gave cool shelter,
watered my need.
And my only debt
asked to pay you,
was a debt
of having gratitude.

Sometimes true Gratitude can be the greatest gift.